Yamaha Vision Ignition Images

From Vision Electronics Ignition CDI TCI Charging FAQ

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1339x1143 pixels (222.6K)
Pickup sensors

1280x1024 pixels (160.1K)
Flywheel with magnet

600x600 pixels (86.1K)

760x1041 pixels (200.6K)

1500x1000 pixels (400.0K)
electric diagram 1

778x624 pixels (136.0K)
side stand diagram

520x480 pixels (99.6K)
color electric schematic

1454x876 pixels (772.3K)
color electric schematic

640x443 pixels (55.0K)
regulator rectifier

640x453 pixels (73.6K)
RR on bike

1280x1024 pixels (232.5K)
TCI circuit board

935x672 pixels (137.5K)
TCI backside